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Commercial Fencing

Medium Weight

Medium weight commercial adds much to your fence system, by increasing the pipe weights and fabric gauge, the medium weight system enables you have much more durability and strength. This system consists of ss20 framework and line post ranging from 2" to 2.5" in diameter, along with a continuous 1-5/8" top rail. Again you may add your choice of barb wire and gate options that best fit your needs.

Light Weight

Light weight commercial chain link fencing, consisting of tubing framework, and 11.5 gauge wire. This product can be used in many applications where you may be trying to establish boundary lines along with some security. This product is our least expensive commercial line but still offers the same installation standards as other commercial lines. You are still able to add barbwire and any gate system you desire.

Heavy Weight

Heavy weight commercial systems put the ultimate chain link fence system to work for you, it brings you the maximum in both performance and longevity. This system uses ss40, or schedule 40 full weight pipe, depending on what your systems specifications may call for, we are able to meet any requirements that your architect may suggest. Along with being able to provide any type of man gates, double swing gates or cantilever sliding gates, which are available with any of the above systems, we at Double Bee Fence are ready to provide for you a fence system that will meet and exceed all of your needs. So please give us a call at 812-234-1999 for a free estimate.

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